Oregairu Shin Volume 1 Prelude English

 Prelude: So, Hikigaya Komachi Says It Like This

Oregairu Shin Volume 1 prelude
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Even if you ask Komachi about things like this, Komachi actually doesn’t know eithe… you could even saythat Komachi wanted to ask the same thing too. Hmm…

At first, Komachi thought of asking for an explanation from onii-chan, but when I tried to open my mouth to ask, Komachi didn’t dare to ask him in detail, or maybe I was actually too embarrassed.

No, it’s not like that at all. It’s not because “My sister will be snatched from me in the end”, ahhhh it’s solonely, I’m going to cry, it’s embarrassing… Ah, that sentence is too high for Komachi’s point!”. Actually it’s
not like that, huh!

 No, Komachi didn’t try to be threatening, I mean it. If you ask, how much of what I said was true. That’s quite true. To be honest, Komachi always thought that it was best for Onii-chan to get married soon. Ugh, I’m really not threatening. I don’t feel lonely at all. That’s why I said that Komachi was telling the truth. Really, this souldn’t be any truer.

…So what I said is true!

How frustrated it was, this incessantly annoyed Komachi! How many times are you guys going to ask the same thing! Were your parents some kind of parrot or parakeet or something? Is that so, that’s how it is! If that’s the case, there doesn’t seem to be any other way. To think about it, Komachi seemed to be running  into a competitor for the title in the “Most Troubling 
Person” competition.

No, Komachi really didn’t feel lonely or jealous. So it’s not like Komachi refuses to admit it. It’s just… this is so embarrassing. 

This condition is like listening to mothers and fathers telling stories about the beginning of their  love. Wouldn’t people feel uncomfortable listening to the romance between their parents? This feeling, will 
be even worse if the storyteller, blushing, tells his story with great love and detail. 

Naturally, anyone who listened to a story like that, would have started playing with their fingers with the unpleasant feeling that coiled up in his mouth. That’s right, even this time, they would definitely adopt the same expression as Komachi’s face. 

Listening to Onii-chan talk about his love story made me feel the same way. You can understand, right? See, you can do it? 

I thought, I always keep an appropriate distance in our relationship, so that Komachi can stay calm even if we talk about love. What? You guys say that’s not true,  and we’re always close? Is it true? I’m not even sure myself, but anyway, that’s how it has always been between onii-chan and sister, and that’s how it was.

That’s why to this day, Komachi had never had a problem with a love talk like that. Komachi was also unsure, whether it was because Komachi could not understand your words at the time, or because Komachi still thought it was not real.

Ah, no, no, it’s not that I haven’t imagined it before, but I said that I don’t really think about such things. Previously Komachi had imagined vague situations such as “How Happy! How happy! Onee-chan! ”. 

But actually, that’s not all.

What? Repeat what I just said? How Happy! How happy! Onee-chan! Are you referring to this?

One more round ? We’re not in a sauna, what ’round’ are you talking about? 

Anyway, let Komachi say it again, Komachi is
very service-oriented (TL Note: What I catch is Komachi’s very service-oriented meaning is Komachi who claims to be the type of person who will give everything to her loved ones)

1, 2, 3, Onee-san! 

What’s with this guy… Ah, let me have some tea first.

Huuu …
Ah, sorry, let’s move on. Komachi actually thought that I wasn’t really the one who should apologize, but let’s put that aside for now.

Komachi herself had indeed heard Onii-chan mention it. He also promised that if something happened, he would tell Komachi about it. 

Since he is just the way he is, even if you ask him, he will try to cover up a lot and won’t tell the truth. So Komachi would take it slow and wait; until he will finally open it little by little. This way, Komachi could also slowly start to accept reality, or so I thought… 

….However, things didn’t go the way I expected.

No, at first I followed the mood and slowly asked a lot of indirect questions. But having reached the stage of “So what? Are you two really dating? ”. The topic suddenly became very serious.

Did you know, Onii-chan cleared his throat with a tense expression, then said to me in a serious tone,

 “Komachi, I have something to say to you…” 

I think he’s finally going to get to the point. 

So Komachi sat up straight, and listened attentively to he next words she would say. However, he didn’t say anything .

In the end, blushing, he stuttered in a voice that resembled the hum of a mosquito. 

“Hmm, it’s like… you know, I think… it’s going well.” 

Her ears were turning red, and she didn’t dare look straight at me, letting out a slight “Huh.” Laugh. I didn’t know whether to call it disgusting, cute, or innocent, nor did I know whether to be happy or sad. However, I even became embarrassed too.

After that I could only say “Ooh! Oh, I see? Very good, isn’t it! In that case, Komachi can rest easy now, ”while pretending to end the conversation in such a light manner… Geez, even I was shocked myself, I didn’t know that my acting was this good… If I didn’t pay attention, I might just be a bad woman playing- play with the men.

Ah? The way onii-chan and I tried to get out of a situation like that was very similar? No no no, how is it similar; it doesn’t even come close. If you say it again, I will get mad!

It’s because they don’t look alike at all! Onii-chan’s way is to use a mixture of strange self-deprecating comments, which are very disgusting, whereas Komachi’s style is very cute and very unique …… What are you laughing at? Eh … No, like I said: they are not similar in any way …

However, I admit that you are not wrong to say that I tried to get out of the situation earlier.

We both know.

That’s right, I ended up accidentally avoiding trouble …

Maybe Onii-chan was like that too.

There were probably some things she didn’t know how to say, as if she had a thorn in her heart that couldn’t be removed, so she didn’t explain anything to Komachi anymore.

But… this may just be my assumption.

Ah, no, this is not like there is something specific. However, Komachi is not with him all the time and has not heard the whole story, of course there are still many parts that Komachi does not know.

But when I was in the club room, I couldn’t help but think, “Ah, onii-chan is daydreaming again.”

You know what? When onii-chan’s mind goes blank, most of the time she will think about other complicated things, and you will see her twisted and wrinkled face.

Yes, yes, yes, like “Male Plum!” (TL Note: A kind of sweet plum mascot sold in Japan (?))

Ah, so you guys have known about it all along. As expected.

Ugh, like I said, it would be nice if he made an easy-to-understand expression like a scowl, but his whole face just had a sour expression.

For things like this, wouldn’t it be impossible for you to know unless you have been with her all your life… This is what I thought at first – Really?

Apart from Komachi, was there anyone else who also found out about it? Oh okay.
In that case, since everyone knows it… it looks like Komachi is no longer needed.

… Ah

Ah ah ah, please stop, don’t mess my hair. Ahoge (TL Note: This part of my Hikigaya family’s strained hair) is so hard to fix… why does this guy exert so much strength when patting other people… Aah, get your hands off my head now. No, I won’t mind if it goes down.

Yes, you said it right.

Really, even if Komachi didn’t do anything, those people would too.

Ahhh… hehe, hearing what you guys said, it comforted me a little.

Ah! Wait a minute! That’s why I said stop patting my head! NOT! After all, I don’t feel pressured or anything like that!

However, the future does make me a little uneasy, I wonder how many obstacles lie ahead of us… 

When I think about things that could happen from now on, I get really worried…

Yes, as you think.

I think the current situation is going to continue for a while.

But I think things will change gradually.

Either Komachi, or Onii-chan… Or everyone in the volunteer club.

Is this the beginning of a new life? Hm, the results are amazingly smooth! Nothing special, it’s just that everyone is slowly doing their best.

This club is more or less the same… I will think of it as running smoothly… It’s neither a good feeling nor a bad feeling… So, if you can watch her for a bit, I will be very
happy as a little sister. Ah! That’s too high for Komachi’s point!

I’ll let you know if there’s anything else!

So that’s it … Please be patient a little longer!

To be continued.
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