Oregairu Shin Volume 2 - Interlude English


A cherry blossom petals from nowhere fluttered gently and landed on the sun umbrella of the outdoor seat. 

Looking around, I can't see the cherry blossoms in full bloom, but the petals are like forgotten things, like unforgettable memories floating over. 

So, I think, it's over.

I can't help thinking, it's over.

The end of the season. The end of this time. Even if I didn't specifically confirm, I should have known that summer would come soon. 

But I just want to enjoy this warm time for a while, which may be very willful.

No matter how I wish, time passes by minute by second, and my position gradually changes. As a result, our relationship has gradually changed. 

I don't think I'm used to these changes. In the new class, I unconsciously agree with others. In the club room, I hesitate to sit there every day. 

After the club is over, I feel nervous about how to spend my time. 

But once that time has passed, I can finally calm down.

I’m with isshiki, and with komachi.
I can only breathe when the three of us are together.

I don’t know whether it’s the result of letting things go, or the atmosphere, or the result of our observation. In short, we often stay together recently.

As a result, I became more and more familiar with the nearby coffee shops and places to play. 

This kind of space belonging to the three of us has become another new place for me.

Like today.

We watched the atmosphere, watched his words and deeds, and watched him and her leave in step.

I stayed in a new, style appropriate place.

He and she left first, and the rest of us left the activity room to go to the coffee shop we just talked about. This coffee shop is where I live today.

This coffee shop recommended by isshiki is really fashionable and gives people a feeling of keeping up with the trend. 

But because the store is not located on the side of the busy road, the store is filled with a calm atmosphere. There are not many customers.  

There should be many people who don't know the existence of this store. It is a place where people can enjoy the quiet time leisurely. 

Both inside and outside of the shop are in wooden style, which gives people a warm feeling and is very suitable for chatting after school. And now the season is between spring and summer, and the wind blows through the open area from time to time.  

It's really comfortable.The seats in the open area are not all ordinary chairs.

There are also cloth chairs for camping I don't know what the technical term is.

It's the camping chair anyway! People who like outdoor activities will like this store very much. 

In a corner of the open-air area of wooden wind, there is firewood for making a campfire, which is very much like that. Speaking of it. 

Although he doesn’t like outdoor activities at all, I don’t think he hates bonfires and camping. 

After all, he piled the wood for setting the campfire high.

He should not hate fireworks, as long as there are not many people there should be no problem, last summer he looked very happy. 

...I don’t know how he will spend the summer.

Just as I was thinking about these things, Isshiki, who was sitting diagonally opposite me, took the straw out of his mouth, put his face in his hand, and said :

”I’ve gone to say hello to my parents. It seems that the moat has been filled up successfully! “

She used her fingertips to stir the straw around the cup, which stirred my heart at the same time. 

I took a sip of black currant Orange Vanilla tea. 

My mouth was sour and astringent, and my voice became small and vague.

“Yes, is it He and my mother have met for a while.“

After I said this, my expression was distorted. She squinted discontentedly, as if staring at him who was not here.

”Ah? Really ? He is really capable “

”If the outer moat is filled, he will immediately start digging the inner moat. That’s the man my brother is. “ 

After Isshiki said unhappily, Komachi, sitting next to her, replied nonchalantly. I know that Komachi is helping him speak, so I can do nothing but smile bitterly.

Maybe it was the words of Komachi that worked, and she nodded with understanding.
”Oh, it’s just human trash. “

”He’s scum!“

 They leaned forward, pointed out their fingers and said happily. Because it looked so funny, I couldn’t help laughing. Clearly people are not here, but appear in the topic, they really like him. 

Of course, I’m the same, so I can talk with you unconsciously. 

”Well, yes, what a scum “

I murmured in a whisper as I thought about the year, before that and the last month. It sounded deeper than I thought, and I laughed again. At this time, Komachi turned his head to me and leaned forward more than before. 

”Right! Obviously, he is a patient with communication disorder. When he makes an excuse, his mouth seems to be smeared with oil. He is a silent Wenqing bastard!"

Komachi gasped and excitedly said that Isshiki and I were overwhelmed by her momentum and couldn’t help laughing bitterly. 

”I didn’t talk about this “

”No, Komachi, you look very happy “

Yes, Komachi looks really happy at this time. I feel a little relieved, which shows that she likes him so much. But it seemed that Isshiki was really frightened by her.

Her mouth was half open and her eyes narrowed. Then he nodded and whispered, “after all, he is a senior”.  

Then she cleared her throat and turned to me. Unlike before, her expression was quite serious. 

”It’s better to find a way, sister. “

When I heard her say that, I couldn’t help but see the bitter smile that had been showing recently. 

”Well But it’s not easy. Hey, hey. “

I mumbled and felt my hair in bunches. I used it to muddle the past. But instead of looking away, Isshiki became more serious. I wonder if she see through my heart,  she usually round lovely big eyes narrowed. Then, dissatisfied, she pursed her red, glossy lips and sighed. “Besides, you didn’t come back to the service club until you realized it.”

She said to me, waving her fingers. Her voice was more serious than I thought, like the tone of an older sister, and I dropped my head in dismay.
”Well, yes, yes, it is It is. “

What you said is very true That’s what I meant, really with that, I curled up my shoulders and slumped directly on the table. 

”But once in front of them, I will be at a loss!“

I grabbed my hair and asked myself again what I had been thinking about recently.
What can I do, because I don't know what to do. I like that person, like her, like the place. So, I want to be there all the time. It is so simple, but it is so difficult. 

I lay on the table like a pastry for a walk in the middle of summer. Looking up, I found Isshiki looking down at me with cold eyes. Obviously, her mouth hardly moved, but I felt her red lips saying, "this woman is really in trouble " So he sat up. Isshiki can be very terrible sometimes how to say, I feel that she is not interested in anything, especially mature.

She was startled to see me, as if aware of her present expression is not good.

She immediately cleared her throat and covered it up. With a lovely expression on her face, she touched her chin with her fingers, tilted her head and said,

"Wouldn't it be more energetic to see them in front of her own eyes? How to say, snatch things from other people's hands, can you feel this thing belongs to yourself? " 

"Terrible! This woman is terrible! "

I'm scared to death! She put on a lovely expression and said a very wonderful word! Even though he saw that I was frightened, Isshiki didn't care, and she was smiling. This is even more terrifying! 

Although it’s very scary, it’s also very isshiki’s style, which makes me feel admirable from the bottom of my heart. Well, at the same time, I was shocked. It seems that I am not the only one who thinks so.  

Komach, sitting next to her, is also looking at the same color with radiant eyes.

”Oh, it’s really Sister Isshiki. It’s a bit of a scum.” 

Komachi clapped her hands and whispered happily. This child is really a little strange. It’s really a brother and sister, I thought, and I relaxed a little. Maybe because of this, I can’t help but ask “what do you think as a sister” which I always wanted to ask but didn’t ask. 

”What do you think, Komachi? Brother, he’s so tangled, you won’t want to?”

I know it’s tricky to ask, but I still pay attention to the wording and ask her questions with the feeling that I feel when I am chatting. So Machi tilted his head to look at me, and then immediately showed a confident smile, hands clenched in a victory posture. 

”Because it is not directly related to Komachi, I am very welcome! Let each
other compete and take the best one in the end!”

”This child, it’s terrible! “

I’m scared to death! She also put on a proud expression, as if she had said something extraordinary! Just when I was very shocked, Komachi showed some sweet smile and gave me a thumbs up. No no no ! You didn’t say anything amazing! What you said is terrible, OK! 

Just as I was about to speak, Isshiki first uttered a voice of disgust.

"Wow, Komachi really has enough scum. Even I can't stand " 

What o you mean ? I think both of you are unbearabel. I cast a cold look at them, and they look at each other.

"Just kidding. "

"Yeah, it's a joke."

Isshiki showed a shallow smile and shrugged his shoulders, while Komachi nodded his head with a smile. Then this two people tilt their heads in different directions and look up at me with soft eyes.——So what are you going to do? They said with their smile.

I lowered my head, and a wry, tired smile appeared on my face. 

"Please don't try me like this "

I sighed with deep weariness. Isshiki and Komachi looked at each other again and laughed happily. I have a headache. Maybe I'm being teased by my schoolgirls. But not only that, they may be very worried about me, they are cheering for me. It is because the heart is very clear about this, that there is no  way to get angry and blame. Most of the time, there is no way to give up. 


So what can I do. Maybe nothing can be done. I think about these things, while chatting with them, unconsciously, the sunlight on the outdoor seat gradually tilts. 

At dusk, the wind direction of the coastal street changes, and the wind belt has some smell of sea water. But now it’s sweet.

On the table, there are Amish Country cake, berry cake and classic chocolate cake. I, Isshiki and Komachi ordered different cakes to share with each other and add sugar. 

As a result, I have been thinking of the head and heart gradually calm down. But it’s not just the sweetness, the taste of nuts, the acidity of berries, the bitterness of cocoa beans, all kinds of flavors have always been in my heart. 

Taste and mood are very complex, I may also directly show it on the face. Isshiki glanced at me, took the fork out of his mouth, waved it around like a baton, and then went on to the subject. 

”If I look too far away, it will only lead to alienation. You obviously want to get along well with each other, but if you are estranged, you will put the cart before the horse.”

”Well you are right.”

I took a sip of cake and a sip of vanilla tea. After swallowing all kinds of feelings, I nodded frankly.

This year, I have a deep feeling for this matter. I think we’ve probably been like this all the time. Delicate and sensitive. It’s because it’s very important that I don’t want to hurt. It’s because it’s precious that it’s treasured like a treasure. That’s why we make mistakes.

If one side has concerns, the other side will interpret the true meaning behind the behavior without authorization, draw xonclusions without authorization, and choose the practice that will not hurt each other. 

Will mistakenly think that the other party does not touch themselves, because they do not want to be touched, gentleness has become futile. Knowing this, I couldn’t help tightening my lips. Isshiki nodded greatly when he saw that I agreed quietly. Then she leaned forward slightly and held her face in her hand and looked up at me. 


Her smiling eyes with a trace of complacency, in the setting sun, appears to be shining. She gently stroked her lips with her fingertips, which made me sit up  
straight and wait for her next word.Then, ilubo gave a smile.

”So attack more when you’re embarrassed. “

Then he blinked a little. Her cuteness and fearless, lovely and with a little smart smile, let me can’t help but see fascinated. Ah, it’s amazing. I thought so, uttering a silent sigh. It’s not just me, but also Komachi. Let alone sigh, she even started to clap her hands.

”Oh, I’m worthy of being a love master! I was dumped by Hayama ! Yo!”

Komachi yelled, and praised Ishhiki, who raised his hair with his hands and
puffed up his chest with pride.

”It was, Huh?”

But she immediately noticed something was wrong and turned to stare at Komachi.

”Well, why does Komachi know? Senpai? Is it Senpai? Did senpai tell you that? Don’t kill him.”

”No, no, it’s not from my brother. It’s from Tobe and I talked about it! That man likes to talk about things that nobody asks about.”

“Kill him.”

”Kill, kill.”

Unlike Komachi, whose voice is full of energy, Isshiki's voice is very cold. I nodded in agreement, but my mind was entirely on other things. Every time I nod my head, my sight drops to the plate in front of me on the table. Half way through, the Amish idyllic cake was out of shape everywhere.  

Maybe it’s because it’s Roasted so well that it’s so easy to deform.It was supposed to be a whole circle when it was roasted, but it was a beautiful isosceles triangle when it was sent to me. 

Now it’s a twisted trapezoid. The original triangle is completely out of shape.

Can not see straight lines, no matter from which side of the description are curved, interrupted in the middle, can not become the shape of my mind. I tried to fix it, but as soon as I touched it with a fork, the pieces fell off and couldn’t be changed back to the original. 

“Do you want to attack more when you’re embarrassed?”

I talked to myself in a voice so small that I could hardly hear it.There is no way to leave or give up. I can’t do anything. What can I do. I kept thinking, and my stomach became hungry and wanted to eat sweets. 

I picked up the fork and randomly divided the twisted trapezoid into two large pieces. Then I put one of them into my mouth and ate it in a big way. The end of the fragrant part of the mouth melt, sweet taste from the inner part of the wet diffuse, full of the whole mouth. Well, it’s delicious. 

It’s really delicious.Even so, there is still one piece left. The cake on the plate is much smaller than it was at first, and its shape is no longer beautiful. However, the three ends are close to each other to form a new triangle. 

I want all of them. Sweet, sour, bitter, all, must taste to the last. … Well,
you’re right.

“I finally forced my head again and raised it abruptly. So, I saw that Isshiki and Komachi also forced to nod their heads, and then, their voices overlapped together. 

”Right! Kill him!”

They clenched their fists vigorously and looked at me for some reason.


I blinked stupidly, and found that both Ishhiki and Komachi were complaining about the affairs of Tobe. Why What are they talking about?

Now the atmosphere makes me a little puzzled because both of them seem very happy. Rather, if asked, it would reveal that I was not listening to them. So I decided to say this first:
”That’s right.”

To be continued...

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