Oregairu Shin Vol 2 Chapter 4 Part 1 English


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Part 1

After getting off the monorail, I and she walked in the snow near Chiba station in the evening. Now there is still a long way to go before the rush hour. Many students and women can be seen on the road. Before long, white-collar workers in suits will submerge this area.

Some time ago, that is, a few weeks ago, we could still see the college students who had just entered the university to attend the orientation meeting, dragging a long line, holding a simple sign made of paper suitcases for the national migration. But now that spring is over and the season is approaching the beginning of summer, such a scene can not be seen.

So Yukinoshita walked in front a half a step away from me. Because she has been to that store many times, i can't see a trace of confusion in her steps. As we walked along the main road of the station, Yukinoshita stopped suddenly when we passed the five fork road.

“What's the matter? Get lost?”

“How could it be.”

I spoke to her and she squinted and stared. She pulled the bangs away from her eyebrows, revealing a troubled smile.

“I arrived earlier than I thought. I was trying to figure out what to do.”

“Aku tiba lebih awal dari dugaanku. Aku mencri tau apa yang harus kita lakukan.”

“So It’s rare that you make such a mistake.”

As for the specific time and place of the dinner party, I completely left it to her, but after listening to her, I noticed that it was only in the evening and it was a little early to have dinner. As usual, the time will be arranged properly under the snow to ensure the arrival of the destination on time or a few minutes in advance. With careful thinking of the snow down to say, this kind of mistake is really too low-grade. Is she a little nervous? Oh, my God, this is in contrast to usual. Isn’t it cute? I explained without authorization in my heart, and nodded there alone.

However, this is not the case. Yukinoshita cast a cold look at me and said: “It’s not a mistake, I was afraid that if I didn’t do it , someone would run away.”

I heard a trace of resentment and dissatisfaction from her tone, so I had to laugh. My God, Yukinoshita is really careful!

“It’s good to have plenty of time. How much time is there?”

Yukinoshita heard my question and took a look at the mobile phone.

“About an hour.”

“Well, what about that? Or go home?”

I almost unconsciously gave the suggestion to go home, but unexpectedly, Yukinoshita smiled slightly and nodded.

“Okay. Can you take me home, please? Would you like to stay for dinner before leaving? But mom and sister will be together.”

“Oh, oh.”

Even if I make a joke, she will fight back immediately so I have nothing to do! No matter how many times I come back, I can only see the future of eating with Yukinoshita mother and daughter!

My God, Yukinoshita is really careful It seems that I can’t escape, although I knew it for a long time.

“Find a place to spend your time.”

“Well, that’s it.”

Then we began to look around. At this time, I met with the eyes of Yukinoshita.

“What, what? Where are you going?”

“You can go anywhere.”

I hesitated to ask Yukinoshita a question, and she raised her eyebrows in embarrassment.

Then we fell silent. We stared with big eyes and small eyes, unable to think of anything to say. We laughed and sighed. Wait a minute. Is this the legendary thing? When you ask where you want to go, you can go anywhere, so as to test the classic routine of men’s taste.

No, I don’t think yukinoshita would do this trouble thing, but think about it carefully, this person is very troublesome!

In this way, I can only mobilize all my wisdom to deduce the most perfect answer.

OK, ask to Yawata. Where do girls usually choose to spend their time? I thought about it for a while, but the super high performance AI of my level can only get answers like “when I go out with girls, I try to find a good boy in tabelog. It’s really unbearable.”. (Note: tabelog is the largest food review website in Japan.)

Do you think you’re playing “seaman”. Is this AI, called Bafan, the abbreviation of “self righteous fool”. (Note: in Japanese, the Roman sound of “conceited fool” can be abbreviated as AI) If I was alone, I would go anywhere to kill time.

For example, I would go to a nearby Ramen restaurant to fill my stomach, stroll in the bookstore for a while, or play with my mobile phone in the rest area of the convenience store. But now I’m with Yukinoshita. I don’t want to be too casual.

What do men and women do at this time ? I can kill time with a relaxed feeling without making the atmosphere too tense, but it is too difficult for me to choose a more fashionable place. Starbucks? To Starbucks? Would you like to go to Starbucks ?

However, if you order something wrong at Starbucks, don’t you think it’s super bad?

However, at my level, my psychological quality is very strong. I dare to order a medium cup of iced coffee at Starbucks, so I’m sure I won’t lose face.

However, I usually despise those bastard creative workers who sit by the starbucks window and knock on macbooks and emit the atmosphere of telecommuting.

At this time, if I choose Starbucks, I feel like losing. But to put it this way, when you think Starbucks is fashionable, you have already lost Fashionable people don’t think Starbucks is very fashionable. It’s cold knowledge.

It took me about 0.2 seconds to unfold. Even the batter in the Baseball Cartoon would be very surprised to think at super high speed. A person nodded his head, at the moment Yukinoshita tilted his head with an incredible look.

“What’s the matter?”

“No. Where do I want to go?”

“You can go anywhere.”

When I said this, I actually wanted to leave it to her to make a decision, but she once again put on a embarrassed smile and repeated what she had just said.

I know her implication is to leave it to me to decide, but that’s the problem now.

“That’s what I said, but it’s not good to choose any place according to my hobbies. Is it better to choose a more suitable place? Don’t you think so?”

Hearing this, Yukinoshita was stunned. After blinking her eyes for two or three times, she suddenly laughed, and then she covered her mouth and turned her back. Hey, what’s wrong? What’s the matter ? Did I say something funny ? I messed up again ? I looked uneasily at Yukinoshita and found her shoulders shaking.

“…what, Miss Yukinoshita?”

Did you poke her strange smile again. I thought so, spoke to Yukinoshita, see her breath out a little, holding back her smile and turn back. It seemed to her that it was really funny. She wiped the corners of her eyes to show her smile with the residual smile of her mouth.

Apa kamu memunculkan lagi senyumnya yang aneh? Aku pikir begitu, berbicara ke Yukinoshita, melihatnya menghembuskan nafas sedikit, menahan senyumnya dan berbalik. Sepertinya menurutnya itu lucu. Dia menyapu pinggir matanya untuk menunjukkan senyum di mulutnya.

“So you will also consider these things.”

“No, it’s not what you think, I just feel that I have to find a place to rest anyway.”

It’s a shame to be pointed out by her. In order to cover up the burning face out of shame, I scratched my cheek and nagged, and then Yukinoshita softly laughed.

“I’m sorry, it can be anywhere.”

“That’s good. In other words, is it really OK to go anywhere? Aren’t you testing me? I mean it.”

“How could i be testing you ? What can be tested through such things.”

Yukinoshita heard my uneasy question and replied with some speechless. No, there are such people in the world, who can test men’s taste through this kind of things. I mean the world’s most adorable scum girl named Isshiki Iroha.

My thoughts may be expressed in my face, Yukinoshita played the black hair that hung down to his chest, and whispering as if excuse:

“I’m not testing you. It’s just that I haven’t done anything to kill time. I don’t know how to do it well. Well, if you say something strange, it will be very embarrassing.”

After saying this in a small voice, she looked up at me as if she were looking into my expression. Her tone is different from usual, full of childishness, and her lovable attitude is also very cute, so I can’t help but relax the corners of my mouth, so I secretly cover my mouth in order to deceive the past.

I’m afraid that Yukinoshita and I have very little experience in this field. So even if I didn’t care about it before, I still care about it now. For example, they will have a good face and try to be brave.

Or they may choose to be silent for worry of saying something wrong. This change may be proof that the relationship has changed. I can’t help but feel that these subtle disagreements are quite good. Now is useless trying to be cool. The unpromising appearance has been seen as early as this year, even if we want to restore the image, sooner or later, we will show our weakness.

And I know very well that Yukinoshita is quite useless. So let’s be more relaxed and casual.

“Well, go to that KouMeiDa.” (Note: coffee shop name)

I said in a relaxed tone, pointing to a sign in my sight. So Yukinoshita also looked over, Made a similar exclamation sound.

“KouMeiDa… this my first time.”

“Oh, really. KouMeiDa tastes is pretty good. The snack beans that come with the drink are very delicious, and the portion of the food is also very sufficient, giving people a very affordable feeling. The ice and fire of the real object is bigger than the photo, which in turn is a menu fraud. Would you like to try one?”

(Note: "ice and fire" is the signature dessert of koumida)

I said with pride on my face, Yukinoshita who had originally shinning eyes glared over.

“Didn't I tell you to eat after this.”

“Hahaha, don't worry. My stomach hurts to death at the thought of what happened after this. Even if I like kuomeida any more, I can't eat it at all.”

I let out a dry smile and knead my stomach unconsciously. Seeing the situation, Yukinoshita said in a low voice:

“You really can't help it.”

And then a little smile.


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