How to complete Luhua Landscape quest Genshin Impact

 How to complete the Luhua Landscape quest Genshin Impact  -  If you go around the Luhua Pool in Genshin Impact, you will find Varmeer the painter. Well, first he will give us a quest, namely we are told to look for his lost Paint Brushes and Paints somewhere.

luhua landscape genshin impact

 So, I'm sure many of you are having trouble, because Varmeer didn't say specifically where the location was. But even so, this quest has quite a reward, including:

 450 Adventure Points.

 50 primogems.

 2 Adventure Wits.

 30,000 Mora.

 Precious Chest after the quest is completed.

 How to Complete Luhua Genshin Impact Landscape Quest.

 1. Varmeer's Paint Brushes & Paints Locations.

Varmeer's Paint Brushes & Paints Locations

 Now, this Brush & Coloring location is actually very close to the place where you first received the Quest.

 The place is on the right & left of Luhua Pool.

 Well, you just teleport to there.


Varmeer's Paint Brushes & Paints Locations Left

 All you have to do is walk along the edge of the cliff to the north, if there is some kind of pile of books, the item is in front of it, covered with bushes.


Varmeer's Paint Brushes & Paints Locations Right

 It's in the corner in the northernmost ruins.

 So if you have found both of them, give them to Varmeer who is still waiting in the same place when you received the quest from him.

 2. Location of another Strange Rock.

 After that Varmeer will give a kind of Stone called Strange Rock. But since there are two, and you are only given one, then you have to find the other one.

 I found this thing in Varmeer's front rice field area. Just search using the eye button next to the Map.

Location of another Strange Rock Luhua Landscape

 Then return to the ruins and climb up one of the statues, place the Weird Thing on the statue's head. Do the same for the other statue.

Statue Luhua Landscape Genshin impact

 After that, the seal on the symbol below will disappear. But don't open it yet! Arrange a party because you will be told to kill 3 Abyss Mage (pyro, cyro & hydro elements) in 90 seconds.

 If you succeed, enter the ruins and there will be a Precious Chest waiting. Watch out there are 2 spiders in the corner ready to deal high damage.

Precious chest luhua landscape genshin impact

 Congratulations, you have successfully completed this quest! Hopefully this article is useful. Thanks for reading!

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