Quest The Tree Who Stand Alone Genshin Impact

How to complete quest The Tree Who Stand Alone in Genshin Impact

 How to Complete quest The Tree Who Stand Alone in Genshin Impact - In Mingyun Village you will find the ghost of an old man named Yuan Hong, talk to him and he will give you a quest.

 How to complete quest The Tree Who Stand Alone in Genshin Impact.

 1. Read the Lost Notes.

lost notes location

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 The first time you have to do this first so that it triggers the appearance of 4 signs on the Map.

 If you don't read it first, you'll just go round and round.

 The location of this Lost Note is also in a house in Mingyun Village.

 2. Go to the Location on the Map.

 1st Will south is in the cave, guarded by hilichurl standing in front of the explosive barrel.  (Noctilucous Jade can be mined.)

 2nd Will east is in the cave, with three hilihurls outside the entrance.  If you have opened the nearest Exquisite Chest they are guarding, no hilichurls will appear.  (white chunk, , Noctilucous Jade, and Lapis Cor can be mined. Exquisite Chests can be opened.(

 3rd Will north is in a cave, with a hilichurl and three Geo slimes inside.  You can get through these battles by swimming past them.  (iron chunk, white iron chunk, and Noctilucous Jade can be mined.)

 4th Will west is in a cave with two entrances.  The south entrance has three Electro Rings guarding the Exquisite Chest.  The northern entrance has a Blazing Ax Mitachurl and three hilichurls guarding the Exquisite Chest.  If you have opened this chest, no enemies will appear.  (Iron Chunk, White Iron Chunk, Cor Lapis, and Noctilucous Jade can be mined. A Geoculus can be collected.)

 3. Search for Treasure Locations.

treasure location tree who stand alone
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tree who stand alone genshin impact

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 The treasure is at the base of a large tree. As you approach the tree, four Treasure Hoarders will appear.  Eliminate them first, then a question mark "?"  near a tree

 4. Take the Chest.

 A Precious Chest will appear. You can open it, or not. But just open it.


 Besides getting a Precious Chest, you will also get:

 1. 400 EXP.

 2. 50 Primogems

 3. Key to the Liyoue Shrine of Depths.

 After completing the quest, you will also get the achievement Trees Should Blend Their Roots and Shade, For That Is Where the Home Is Made.

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